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Previous Winners

2012 - Donna Wargo, University of Illinois Urbana - Champaign
2011 - Ann Comerford, Western Illinois University
2010 - Susan Canady, IUPUI
2009 - Don Castle, Southern Illinois University
2008 - Heather Owen, Purdue University
2007 - Larry Moser, Valparaiso University
2007 - Mary Robinson, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
2005 - Gary Chrzastowski, Indiana University
2004 - Phyllis Kuhl, Ball State University
2003 - Dan Maxwell, Western Illinois University
2002 - Mary Edgington, University of Notre Dame
2001 - Bob Mindrum, Purdue University
2000 - Ed Slazinik, University of Illinois
1999 - Bruce Morgan, Ball State University
1998 - Christ Schwelle, Illinois State University
1997 - Terry Clayton, Purdue University
1996 - William Smriga, Valparaiso University
1995 - Mark Guthier, Indiana University
1994 - Lyle W. Ward, SIU - Edwardsville
1993 - Richard Madison, SIU - Edwardsville
1992 - William Brattain, Western Illinois University
1991 - Winston Shindell, Indiana University
1990 - Deborah Anderson, Purdue University
1989 - John Corker, SIU - Carbondale
1988 - Susan Maul, University of Illinois
1987 - Don Luse, Indiana University
1986 - Dale McHenry, Purdue University


Susan Yung Maul Distinguished Service Award

The Susan Yung Maul Distinguished Service Award has been established as the highest honor presented by ACUI Region 9. The award is designed to recognize a member of the region who has made a significant contribution to the advancement of ACUI. The recipient will be recognized at the Fall Conference. Individuals should be nominated for their quality work and sustained contribution to ACUI, rather than for a single action.

The goals of this program are:

  • To bring to the attention of the region the achievements of one of its outstanding members.
  • To show that people working on behalf of ACUI do make a significant contribution to the development, education, and welfare of the philosophy and activities of ACUI.
  • To provide a means of expressing the gratitude and appreciation of the region to an outstanding individual through the awarding of this honor.


Open to any student or staff of an ACUI member institution (current regional director excluded).

Criteria for Selection

  • General
    • Significant contribution and service to ACUI on a national or regional level
  • Specific
    • Work has made an impact on the programs and activities of ACUI.
    • Shows a service attitude and concern for ACUI as differentiated from popularity based on public relations.
    • Shows extra productive effort in assigned work.
    • Extends self to help others.
    • Displays a positive attitude.
    • Provides quality information and/or research.
    • Evidences a reputation for actively attempting to clarify systems and procedures.
    • Highly responsible.
    • Thorough and thoughtful in work reputation.
    • Good follow-through on assigned work.

DEADLINE:  The deadline for completed applications is October 11, 2013.


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