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Thursday, February 16, 2012
Region 9 Recreational Tournament Results
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We had a great turnout for the Recreation Tournament at Illinois State University.   We had 43 Billiards players, 21 Table Tennis participants, and 12 NAQT teams.   The staff and volunteers at Illinois State University were fantastic and we want to thank them and our Recreation Tournament leaders for all of their hard work.  Below are the results.

Women's 9-Ball
Place School Name
Region 9
1 Ivy Tech Community College Amanda Neal  X  X
2 SIU-E Angela Braeutigam    X
3 IN University-Bloomington Ning Wang  

Men's 9-Ball
Place School Name
Region 9
1 IN University-Bloomington Myung Hee Suk  X  X
2 University of IL-Urb/Champ Mark Muir    X
3 Purdue University Wenjie Wu    X
4 Purdue University Jason Hoag    X
5 Purdue University Bo Jin    X
6 Purdue University Cong Wang  
7 SIU-Edwardsville Chuck Jones  
8 Purdue University Sibo Zhang  
9/12 University of IL-Urb/Champ Yaming Tang    
9/12 Valparaiso University Leon Baruah    
9/12 IN University-Bloomington Mohan Qian    
9/12 IN University-Bloomington Jesus Comacho    
13/16 SIU-Edwardsville Nick Rudis    
13/16 Purdue University Phil Osborne    
13/16 University of IL-Urb/Champ Yaji Ren
13/16 IN University-Bloomington Yihao Wu    
17/24 University of IL-Springfield Tim Phillips    
17/24 IN University-Bloomington Ziwei Wang    
17/24 Valparaiso University Ying Kun Bao    
17/24 Ball State Nadeem Nooristani    
17/24 University of IL-Urb/Champ Keren Wang    
17/24 Ball State Sulaiman Nooristani    
17/24 IN University-Bloomington Andrei Popa    
17/24 University of IL-Urb/Champ Shan Jiang    
25/32 University of IL-Urb/Champ Jiancheng Quao    
25/32 IN University-Bloomington Yang Yu
25/32 IN University-Bloomington Zixuan Feng    
25/32 University of IL-Urb/Champ Alexis Leung    
25/32 Purdue University Yaopeng Xu    
25/32 SIU-Edwardsville Ben Schmid    
25/32 IN University-Bloomington Chad Roahrig    
25/32 SIU-Edwardsville Austin Shulker    
33/40 IN University-Bloomington Yunxiao Bai    
33/40 University of IL-Urb/Champ Kyle Chamberlain    
33/40 Illinois State University Adam Hart    
33/40 Bradley University James McMullen    
33/40 Bradley University Tom Winchester    
33/40 IN University-Bloomington Xianglin Zheng    
33/40 University of IL-Urb/Champ Matt Holderly    
33/40 Northern IL University Brian Grabo    

Women's Table Tennis
Place School Name
 Region 9
1 Indiana Wesleyan Andrea Meyering  X  X
2 SIU-Edwardsville Megha Sharma    X
3 SIU-Edwardsville Rosa Davila    X
Men's Table Tennis
Place School Name
 Region 9
1 IN University-Bloomington Aron Frank  X  X
2 IN University-Bloomington Amit Jindal    X
3/4 IN University-Bloomington Chu Kit Wong    X
3/4 Ball State Jake Adrianson    X
5/8 Ball State Xia-Yin Jin    X
5/8 SIU-Edwardsville Drew Collins    X
5/8 Indiana Wesleyan Matt Stonitsch    X
5/8 Indiana Wesleyan Chris Herlihy    X
9/16 Indiana Wesleyan Matt Griggs    
9/16 SIU-Edwardsville Matt Weiler    
9/16 Indiana Wesleyan Austin Doerr    
9/16 SIU-Edwardsville Zach Schimpf    
9/16 SIU-Edwardsville Matt Shipton    
9/16 Indiana Wesleyan Aaron Goshen    
9/16 IN University-Bloomington Edouard Carrere    
9/16 IN University-Bloomington Scott Kennedy    

NAQT Division I
Place School Region 9
1 Illinois A (UG)  X X
2 Illinois B    
3 WUSTL (UG)    
4 Louisville A (UG)    
5 Missouri-Columbia A (UG)    

NAQT Division II
Place School  Region 9
1 Louisville B  X  X
2 Western Kentucky    
3 Missouri-Columbia B    
4 SIU-Edwardsville    
5 Louisville C    
6 Illinois State    
7 Eureka College    

Full NAQT Results including individual performance
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